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Latest News from Evergreen

COVID-19 Update
In accordance with the latest guidance from the government and the NHS, we have updated our procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  1. Strictly follow all Government and NHS Guidelines
  2. Attend work separately
  3. Avoid Public Transport if possible
  4. Ensure 2metre social distancing is followed
  5. Follow Infection Control Poster & Handwashing Poster
  6. Wear PPE provided at all times
  7. Disinfect electronic signing in an out system before and after you sign in and out
  8. Disinfect pen before and after you sign in and out
  9. Do not congregate in any areas of Client premises
  10. Do not congregate in cleaning cupboards
  11. Do not congregate in any areas of Client premises
  12. Wear gloves or disinfect before and after using machinery, products, equipment etc
  13. Use new products provided – Sanitiser, Viricidal and Disinfectant
  14. Ensure uniform is washed after each cleaning shift
  15. If unsure on any of the above – seek further advice from the Evergreen Head Office
For more information, please get in touch!
Evergreen to trial Urine Off
We are always looking at latest products and innovation to assist our Operatives with their difficult role.
So what’s new for Evergreen… We are currently trialling:

​Until now, many cleaners could only wash away the water-based urine components masking the smell of the crystals while the affected area dried. However, the dry crystals simply lay dormant for extended periods, resurfacing in moist conditions.
The enzymes in Urine Off have been developed specifically to attack the urine crystals. It is not a disinfectant - there are many products already available for that! However it DOES eliminate the crystals and when this happens stains and odours are gone - for good! Unless urine and its proteins are destroyed, micro-organisms can flourish and spread disease, another reason to use Urine Off as part of our regular cleaning routine.
For more information, please get in touch!
Reduce Office Staff Sickness
‘Keeping your office computer keyboards & telephones clean and sanitised ultimately will reduce staff sickness’

While everyone knows the importance of keeping the office toilets and kitchens clean, it is easy to forget about the importance of ensuring that telephones and computer keyboards are free of dirt and bacteria.

While toilet seats and worktops are obvious bacteria breeding grounds, you’d probably be surprised by the amount of debris and grime which can build up on communication equipment over time, and they can be a hidden source of danger lurking in the workplace.

Although most office cleaners will dust the keyboards and telephones in the office on a regular basis, often wiping them down as part of the process with a wet cloth, this isn’t really sufficient to remove all of the ground in dust, bacteria and even makeup which accumulates with every passing day.
Why are computer keyboards and telephones such a problem?

At one time, office workers were often the only person to use their computer keyboard or telephone, however these days this is no longer the case. Nowadays equipment is frequently shared between two or more workers, and that means that cross-infection is always a risk.

This is why telephones, and all of their attached components including headsets, handsets, cords and buttons, are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis with sanitising solutions and alcohol wipes.

Computer keyboards also represent an attractive breeding ground for the bacteria which can cause illness in the office, and therefore they need to be regularly cleaned with the same alcohol wipes and sanitisers, as well as brushed and vacuumed to remove any crumbs and dust collecting under the keys.
The facts about bacteria

It will probably shock you to discover that an office keyboard can harbour over 300 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat, which make it clear why they can be such a health hazard, particularly in offices where workers often eat at their desks.

More than 70% of infections are passed to others through touch, and the average office employee comes into contact with as many as 10 million bacteria on a daily basis, some of which can cause sickness which is severe enough to have to stay off work. Some viruses like the common cold and influenza are able to survive on desks, keyboards and telephones for as long as 24 hours, and therefore a deep clean is a key part of protecting workers from illness while also ensuring that the office remains productive.

Although it’s impossible to eliminate all viruses and bacteria, the best solution is to use a sanitiser and alcohol wipes on telephones and keyboards regularly. With billions of pounds being lost every year because of staff illnesses, it’s essential to take steps to reduce the risk of disease from unsanitary equipment, not only to protect the workers’ well-being and health, but also to help the company to save money and to function more effectively.

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Reduce staff sickness by keeping phones clean
Bacteria on keyboards and phones cause staff illness
Reduce staff sickness by keeping keyboards clean
Office Cleaning in Stevenage
Office Cleaning Stevenage

Back in February we started a full refurbishment and decoration of the Evergreen Facilities Offices in Stevenage; the walls were looking a little tired and we needed some new furniture. Despite being expert office cleaners by trade, no amount of office cleaning was going to make our old office look any better! Sure the carpets were immaculate, and the floors polished to perfection, but when it just looks dated there’s nothing else you can do.

You may have already seen our updates on Facebook but we have just finished the decoration and doesn’t it look amazing! We have replaced the carpets with laminate flooring which means we can spend less time cleaning our floors, and more time cleaning yours! We have also put new furniture in, including a chill out area with some comfy chairs; we’re all ready to start welcoming clients in.

High-quality Office Cleaners in Hertfordshire

Did you know that Evergreen Facilities are members of The British Institute of Cleaning Science? BICSc are the largest independent and professional educational body in the commercial cleaning industry, they support contract cleaning companies like our Hertfordshire based business in training contract cleaners and ensuring our knowledge of the best techniques and technology is up to date. BICSc provide External Training Qualifications and Refresher Courses so all our staff are given every opportunity to learn from the best.

These courses and training sessions are not just for our cleaning team however, our Contract Managers, Site Supervisors, and office team also attend the training sessions and receive regular refresher training to ensure we all have the knowledge to be the best office cleaning company in Hertfordshire!
Why are Evergreen Facilities Ltd the best Contract Cleaning Company in Hertfordshire
At Evergreen Facilities Ltd we are committed to constantly striving for the best cleaning service possible, like most other cleaning companies we conduct regular inspections at our clients premises to ensure our cleaners are performing to the standards we expect, however, we then use the quality control data collected to highlight areas of improvement and are fed into work programmes and training schemes.

Regular Training for Contract Cleaners

As well as providing regular refresher training for onsite health and safety practises, we are also members of The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSs) who provide us with external training on the latest techniques and technology in the cleaning industry. Our staff are given the amazing opportunity of learning from the very best with the aim of transferring their new knowledge into their daily work lives. We utilise their accredited training schemes to ensure we provide our schools, colleges, offices, and businesses with the very best cleaning service possible.

Happy Clients
Our management team like to attend each site as often as possible to not only ensure our cleaning team are performing to their best, but also to collect feedback from our clients. Positive or negative, we love every comment you can give us as it allows us to constantly improve. Due to our regular attendance at our clients’ premises, we often get some amazing testimonials which we love to share with our staff and our followers on social media. Take a look at some of our brilliant contract cleaning reviews here
Support Our Contract Manager in his 50th Marathon!
Most people aim to complete at least one marathon in their lifetime, most people aren’t Contracts Manager Barry King!

On the 21st July 2019, Barry will be taking part in his 50th Marathon in support of Against Breast Cancer a superb charity which funds vital research into breast cancer to help increase survival rates after the initial diagnosis. Sadly, like many of us, Barry has been personally affected by the disease and has vowed to raise as much money as he can to do his part in the universal fight against it!

The whole Evergreen team are immensely proud of his dedication and commitment to this cause and urge anyone and everyone to donate and sponsor him on his Just Giving page. He is looking to raise £500, and we’ll do everything we can to support him in his efforts, though he is well on his way to his target already!

The Marathon event is happening at Fairlands Park in Stevenage, so if you live nearby do go along and cheer on all the runners, we know we will! 
Reflecting On A Successful School Term
It only feels like last week the schools went back after summer! But here we are in December looking towards Christmas, but also for us, an opportunity to deep clean some of our schools and colleges. The autumn months, (and 500 students!) have brought in dirt and mud inside the corridors and classrooms and whilst a daily clean will clean up most of it, nothing beats a deep clean to reset your school for the new term!

Professional School Cleaning

We are dedicated to providing the very best cleaning service in Hertfordshire, and to ensure this we only use the best cleaning equipment. Below we have the Large Scrubber which is perfect for tackling large corridors and the Victor Pushalong which is a high-speed buffing machine and makes light work of vast floor space. Our process of cleaning is then checked against a checklist (demonstrated by Pat!), which ensures nothing gets missed every time we visit. We have worked hard on developing our processes to make sure it is manageable by our staff and delivers the results our clients are looking for.
School Cleaning

At Evergreen Facilities, we have been very busy over the last few months; from signing up new schools, visiting all of our locations for inspections, staff training to maintain excellence, and Quality Control Audits. Did you see on our social media that we received three 10/10s in a row at Reach Free School in our Quality Control Audits? A brilliant achievement for the new team working there! 
School Cleaning Hertfordshire
So the school holidays are officially over, and students all over Hertfordshire are returning to clean classrooms and spotless corridors. We wonder how long they’ll stay clean this term!

For the last six weeks, the Evergreen Facilities Services team has been working hard in schools all over the county, from Stevenage to St Albans, Hemel Hempstead to Welwyn Garden City. The summer holidays are a great opportunity for us to ensure a thorough deep clean of the floors all over the schools; however the work doesn’t stop there.

We work tirelessly throughout the year cleaning schools all over the county, using the latest techniques to polish floors and remove stubborn chewing gum stains. We’re always on the lookout for new schools to add to our portfolio and work closely with our clients’ to deliver high-quality standards in a way that is both proactive and flexible with their own commitments and schedules.

Our approach to contract cleaning is famously adaptive to ensure our service is executed to the highest standards in a way that suits you. With over 27 years experience cleaning across various sectors, we the best team for the job. Our head office is based in Stevenage just minutes from the A1(M) and the A602. We are deliberately close to the main roads so that our team can visit your location quickly if necessary. We really do work across the whole of Hertfordshire, but don't let our expanse fool you into thinking we are not dedicated to providing an expert level of service and care to your school. We provide a fully trained site supervisor to each location, and if they are not on site, they'll be within easy reach should you need them.
If you think we might be able to help you, do get in touch!
Contract Cleaning in Hertfordshire

District Council Cleaning

Last week we were at St Albans District Council, making sure the council chamber and the mayor’s area is in perfect condition and looking prestige. We thoroughly enjoy working in such an important building, and feel honoured to be the cleaning service of choice by the Council.
In a room where such big decisions are made and important discussions held, it is vitally important that the floor surfaces are well maintained and kept in a pristine condition, not only for health and safety reasons, but to make sure all visitors are allowed a space to feel comfortable.

Cleaning Services Stevenage

School Cleaning Hertfordshire

In the last few weeks we have also been conducting spot checks at all of our schools. As part of our brilliant school cleaning service in Hertfordshire, we conduct termly checks to ensure our staff are performing at the top of their game. It is so important for us that we continue to provide one of the best cleaning services in Hertfordshire, and the way we do it is by regularly visiting our contracts and asking how our service has been.

We love getting better at what we do, so our termly visits are the perfect opportunity to assess our school cleaning service and discover ways to improve. During one of our visits we learnt that some of our clients would appreciate seeing the whole cleaning process, so we decided to make a short film highlighting some of the key steps in chewing gum removal. This video was taken at Hitchin Boys’ School and had several years’ worth of stains set into the carpet! The results looked fantastic!
School Cleaning Hertfordshire

The clients enjoyed seeing our process and also appreciated the effort that goes into removing a few bits of chewing gum from their carpets.

We are always looking to grow our portfolio of schools, so do please get in touch if you think we might be able to help your school with its cleaning.
Stevenage Borough Council Annual Business Event
Last week we attended the Stevenage Borough Council Annual Business Event at the Novotel in Stevenage. It was a great event that showed the future plans of the town and how Stevenage businesses are working in partnership together. 

The organisers of the event said, "with recent announcements of significant investment coming into the town and plans for future regeneration, economic and employment opportunities are continually developing in Stevenage.The event will also provide businesses with an ideal opportunity to meet with senior members of the Stevenage Borough Council team, discuss opportunities and challenges of operating your business in Stevenage in an open forum and networking with peers."

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and found the event very valuable. At Evergreen we pride ourselves on supporting local companies and local people, and encouraging social value. We are a Stevenage based contractor who use local staff and help them develop by providing them with skills and qualifications. 

We're looking to connect with more Stevenage based business so that we can offer more local jobs, and support the local community. If you're a Stevenage based business please get in touch for a free quotation. 

Easter Holidays - Spring Clean
Our teams worked their magic over the Easter holidays, deep cleaning and exceptional floor scrubbing & polishing at our schools across Hertfordshire and in North London. Just look at that shine!

Evergreen Facilities Services are expert and highly experienced school cleaners. Our approach is one of adaption to ensure an enhanced service and high standard is achieved. 

To find out more about our school cleaning services, or for a quote, please contact us here
Manchester Cleaning Show 2018
Greg and Steve attended the Manchester Cleaning Show 2018 on the 11th April, and had a great day exploring the show and meeting with suppliers. They noted that the show was a valuable experience, and a great way to source the latest products and services on the market, and view live demonstrations and try out equipment first hand, which will be relable skills to our staff. They were also able to gain knowledge about the key challenges and legislation affecting the industry and network with a range of different industry professionals. 

Whilst at the show, Greg and Steve caught up with the Jangro team and are excited to announce that Evergreen Facilities Services will be trialling their Enviro concentrared chemical range in a bid to improve our environmental impact. 

They also got a chance to explore some of the latest innovations, including team cleaning, which will help to improve standards by lifting the morale of the team and therefore better productivity is achieved.

See photos of them exploring the show below: