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consistently high quality service with Evergreen’s rigourous supervision & inspection

Quality Control

Customer Service

This is an essential part of the quality process and to ensure this is fulfilled, all employees receive training to ensure awareness and understanding of quality and its impact on customer service.

To ensure the company maintains its awareness for continuous improvement, the quality system is regularly reviewed and is subject to annual audit.

The requirements of the company’s quality system are mandatory and all company personnel have a responsibility and obligation to it.

Quality Control

Quality control is key to Evergreen to operate as a responsible ethical company. We cannot maintain our excellent reputation without conforming to and enhancing acceptable standards whilst acting in a professional manner. This has been achieved over a period of time and demonstrated by the number of repeat and extended contracts.

Our quality control policy is rigid and ensures a good standard is maintained at all times with all personnel involved driven to succeed. The Managing Director meets all Clients quarterly to ensure full satisfaction and best value is achieved.


Quality control is achieved by a series of inspections and reports. Quality control is centrally monitored by results of a detailed monthly assessment carried out with the client on a pre-arranged date .The results highlight details and improvements to work programmes, copies of these reports are compared and discussed with our Contract Manager and Area/Site Supervisors. The report categorizes rectification work if required.

Daily inspection will be carried out and recorded by onsite Supervisors using a tick list system. All inspections are carried out not only looking at the cleaning standard and include pointing out any hazards or unsafe practices. Advice is also given on improvements that can be made to enhance the fabric of the site.


The site is graded out of ten, the grade achieved is decided by the client who will sign and receive a copy of the report. The contract standard is 7.5; if the grade is lower an action plan would be put in place and an agreed period of time to complete it with the Client. The Contract Manager will document and sign off the relevant tasks to the Client’s satisfaction.

Evergreen Management monitors all grades attained to ensure consistency to the standard and the service provided. A grading system is used which is handed to the Client to help grade the site.


Evergreen has recently introduced electronic Quality Control which significantly speeds up the process. KPI reports can also be generated from this.